What Drives Me?

My peers and desire to help others drive me to labor. My peers motivate me to work indirectly because I admire the incredible effort they dedicate to their immaculate projects. The speed with which my colleagues complete difficult tasks consistently amazes me. Their mastery and competence is enamoring. Therefore, I strive to emulate my superiors’ diligence and consistency. My peers thus act as role models who subconsciously drive me to action each day. They elicit an envy that compels me to rival them.

Second Consideration:

Secondly, feedback from others makes the journey worthwhile. My peers’ smiles and congratulations reward my efforts with unrivaled euphoria. As such, I happily strive to help people regularly. I value others’ acknowledgement as the greatest form of reward. This reward makes me feel like I matter. The positive feedback I receive for my labor is thus my “why?”, while my peers demonstrate “how?” to sacrifice and meaningfully progress humanity.