How to Get Enough Protein as a Flexitarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan

3,800 words. Reading time: ~14 minutes. Complete amino acid profile calculator included.

Article reviewed by scientific researcher of plant protein Victoria Hevia-Larraín.

Co-authored by Vincent Sparagna and Sten van Aken. Without their help, I’d still be stuck on the first sentence.

Are you a…




Or simply someone looking to eat less meat?

They all involve eating more plant-based foods, and eating more plants comes with questions: How do I get my protein in? How much protein do I even need?

Some want to know to stay healthy. Some want to know to attain eye-popping physiques.

Furthermore: how the hell are you going to manage that Bodybuilding BBQ party you host every year?

Welcome! This article is for all of you, and it will shed light into what you can do to optimize health, muscle growth, and awesomeness while eating (more) plant-based proteins!

First we’ll explain what proteins are made of (hint: amino acids), then we’ll explain the ‘problems’ with plant proteins vs. animal proteins, and finally we’ll bring it all together by offering solutions to overcome these, including a calculator and some meal examples.